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Health Insurance Quoting System with COVID Vaccination Discount Function


The JAV’s Ninja Benefit Group is an imaginative health insurance broking firm. The company has been actively helping its client get the best health insurance quotes in AZ since 2018 and has tie-ups with multiple hospitals chains so that the users get the best benefits.  


As the third wave of COVID hits the United states, getting the vaccination rates has been on top of the charts. Vaccination has proved to be highly effective in preventing infection and significantly lowering the hospitalization rate/death rates. However, the vaccination rate is only around 54% due to hesitancy or resistance to being vaccinated within certain groups. The U.S. government plans on subsidizing health insurance premiums based on vaccination rates to boost the vaccination rate. 

A client of MASTEK needs to add a vaccination discount function to their Quoting system and extend it to the partner portal to generate a new quote with a vaccination discount sponsored by the U.S. government. 


The company would like to create a group health insurance quote for B2B clients at a government-subsidized discount price based on the COVID vaccinated individuals within the group. 

This new proposal helps boost the vaccination rate in the U.S., stimulating the vaccine efficacy rate and reducing the vaccination hesitancy between the people.  

How to Achieve this with minimum customization/coding 

  • The insurance premium discount function from vaccination is configurable. 

Depending on government policy change, the discount rate can vary at any time, or the function can be turned on or off. Hence, no code change is needed. 

  • Adhere to government policies as the U.S. government plans to subsidize health insurance costs for group insurance based on their vaccination rate.  

If Group's COVID Vaccination Rate (GVR) is above National Vaccination Rate (NVR) at the time quote is created (for all group members who are older than vaccination eligible age, currently 12 years old).  

The goal of this program is to boost the vaccination rate nationwide.  

As per the current proposal, here are the rules being considered to give discount in group health insurance plans. 

  • 7% of the premium if: NVR < GVR < NVR + 10% 
  • 14% of the premium if: NVR + 10% < GVR < NVR + 20% 
  • 21% of the premium if: NVR + 20% < GVR 
  • No discount if: GVR <= NVR 
Technology Used: 
  • Vlocity OmniStudio technology 
  • Vlocity health cloud 
  • Vlocity components (No custom code or Apex Classes) 
  • Conclusion: 

JAV's Ninja Benefit group joins hands with the U.S. government to boost the COVID vaccination rate and help its client network get the best group health insurance quote. JAV's Ninja achieved this with 100% use of Vlocity components, with no custom code, state-of-Art architecture, which reduces the company's overhead cost.




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