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Patient 360

Ensure that patient information from disparate

EHRs is available to all providers, care teams, and

IT systems, we need an interoperable system that leverages.

industry standards like HL7 FHIR.

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Small Group Shop And Enroll

Using Salesforce Industries with Omni Studio,

consumer/user can self-select their health plan.

options without having to call support. They

can get instant results and can easily make.

changes to see how that will affect their cost.

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Foundations in Patient Portal Development

Build a foundation for an interactive patient portal

that gives patients full access to their complete health

profile, appointment scheduling, and more.

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Healthcare Insurance Quoting System

Health insurance brokers want to create health insurance

quotes on the behalf of clients from the partner portal and

provide COVID vaccination data during the process. To

receive a quote with a COVID vaccination discount

subsidized by the US government.


E-Consultation Services

Community Portal E-Consultation Services will enable

patients to search for registered doctors and schedule

online appointments. The portal facilitates doctors to

register by uploading documents and uses DocuSign for

sending verified documents.

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