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E-Consultation Services


Due to the pandemic, healthcare systems had to transform to manage both acute needs of Covid-19 patients while managing existing patients' regular health care needs. We have seen an increased demand for E-Consultation during this pandemic, and it will continue to expand in the coming years. The E-Consultation service portal will enable patients to book appointments with doctors registered in the portal at their convenience. The patients can pay the consultation fees through the portal to confirm the appointment. On confirmation of the appointment, the patient can consult with the doctors through Video or Audio calls.  

  • Vlocity 
  • Experience Cloud (Community) 
  • Zoom/Video Conferencing app 
  • Payment Gateway 
  • Survey 

Community Portal E-Consultation Services will enable patients to search for registered doctors and schedule online appointments. The portal facilitates doctors to register by uploading documents and uses DocuSign for sending verified documents. The patients can schedule appointments with their preferred doctor's time slot. Once the appointment is confirmed, the system will send an email with a Zoom meeting invitation for both patient and the doctor. The doctor can log in to the portal, look for scheduled appointments for the particular day, and join the zoom call for the appointment. The consultation charge is scheduled before the appointment, and payment is made through payment gateway integration. The doctor's prescriptions will be sent with their letterhead. The DocuSign integration helps send signed letters and documents between patients and doctors.  


E-Consultations can be cost-effective compared to routine care, particularly for standard treatment for people with chronic conditions and those living in remote areas while being safe, effective, and achieving equivalent patient outcomes and improved satisfaction. Remote consultations were actively encouraged during the pandemic, particularly for patients with Covid -19 symptoms, to provide medical support and triage without increasing the risk of transmission. This portal will greatly benefit patients with psychiatric problems where they have challenges scheduling face-to-face appointments with specialists. Since there is a growing need in the health care system to provide E-Consultations, MASTEK can help clients by providing a customized solution.


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